Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I ain't been round?

I ain’t been round in a long while. I been painting and reading up on stuff. The Meteor and Starday Rockabilly record labels in the 50’s and much more. I been studying on the subject of many things.  Reading about Tamara de Lempicka who was a Polish Art Deco artist and looking over 1920s to 1950s art on the internet.  Always reading articles out loud, to get my voice back, proper.  When I first started to be able to speak again, my voice was s-o bad, it was not understandable.  After nearly 12 years it’s getting their and with Arrrrring for long periods of time volume has returned. I repeat and repeat and repeat words which I couldn’t say which must be around 70 and they are getting better!  Mostly my voice sounds  horse or like I got a sore throat with some words I still can’t say, yet.  I been studying...

The art of Joan Miro born in Barcelona.


  1. Lempicka is the best Art Deco artist there is. I'm surprised she isn't identified as such. Then again, I watched a show on women in the arts that still demonstrated women are not recognized in the arts (save, perhaps, music and movies).

    I mostly talk on the phone for my work. I still have to practice clear enunciation and continue to learn new words (so I sound smart lol). Always learning too.

    Keep practicing.... And keep up with the art!

  2. Its so stupid that women are not respected or recognised for their achievements! Whos heard of any female footballers, chiefs or anything! Because men would feel in danger thats why, we need protecting and constantly reassured or we would die! I am, in fact a man and women rule this earth! Women rule! You smart ass girl!