Sunday, 20 February 2011

Art, Design, Music and Stuff....

Maybe you see art as just a beautiful and intricate painting, that is your business and nothing to do with me, or anyone else. But art is many things all around us! A barber is an artist and a seamstress, a surgeon, a mechanic and photographer. To paint a door plain white but put thought and emotion into it is art! Love is art is art.

Design is art and design is everywhere! Design moulded your cooker, radio, clothes, sweet wrappers, sun glasses, wine bottle, hats, shirt collars, picture frames, shoes, wallpaper, chairs and so much more! Art and Design are as important as important can be!
Music is art and music is passion and this passion puts music way up high in importance! For passion is emotion and character and very very human. Music can make you laugh like an idiot or cry like a fool! It has great power and a particular song can take you right back to a certain time and place! I love Mambo, old Jazz, Swing, Hillbilly and everything Rock ‘n’ Roll! Music tears at my heart and spits it right out again! If a certain music doesn’t do these things, I do not bother with it for life is passion!
Clothes are passion too! How you look is s-o important and if you look good, you feel good! Character, design, passion and stuff.....

Gotta and I’m gone!


  1. Ahhh... A Tamara De Lempicka. I used to have small prints of hers framed and hung in my art Studio... A few Adolphe Mouron Cassandre prints as well.

    Yup, life is art!!

  2. Life would be so dull without music and art! They colour life and add interest..

  3. A woman of glamour......Tamara de Lempicka!