Saturday, 26 February 2011

Love and Passion.

At the Rum Bar in Vegas....the passion of true friendship.

Life is so desperately short, blink and its over! You must notice all things and taste all things. Feel all emotions, feel the warmth and cold, see the sun and feel the rain. Never be bland and non committal! Get involved in life and know that you’re getting involved and blame no one else for your own actions. Fill your life with fire and deep, deep love! Cos when it’s’s gone!
I love taste and love food with a blinding passion. Homemade pizza, pasta, curry, chilli or just beans on toast. Passion in love, passion in music, passion in clothes and passion in all of life.

I’m hungry.....something Mexican maybe.....mmmmm mmmmmm......sure...

Our version of the high quality Mexican breakfast  Huevos Rancheros.


  1. Oh boy, if you like Huevos Rancheros, try Tacos De Dois:

    Simple, and so good!

    Corn tortillas softened and slightly crisped in a frying pan of butter.

    When you flip the tortilla over the last time, add slices of American cheese from a brick (real cheese).

    Then add mild chili salsa, sour cream and a few chives.

    Fold in half like a taco, and take a bite of heaven!

  2. Very true, and you have just made me hungry!