Monday, 28 February 2011

Mental Processes.

Hey Buddy....hey You!

We are all different, the same make but different models. We all see life differently and we all react to situations differently and think differently and we are all.....different. To produce art must feel different for everyone, with different mental processes working as ideas mix and one lights up in your mind. To me a painting takes on a life of it’s own and although my brush strokes are painting it, I seem to have little say in the finished product. I start with an idea but this idea can change drastically. I can guide it back but off it goes again.

There is nothing high-brow or la-dee-da about this statement, it is the truth I say. Art is a living thing. The strangely artistic part of the human brain is let loose when the freedom of art is released. Contortions and twisted mental processes formulate as art is formed....

Illusion, confusion....which way do I turn?


  1. Can you please let my artistic brain loose? Just kidding, I don't think it exists, I can only draw stick figures!

  2. You can only draw stick so learn and learn and learn and watch art form before you!