Saturday, 5 March 2011

Good Timing.....

It is Saturday...Saturday the 5th of March, March already? My my, time flys by at alarming speed!

My life flys by and the seconds become minutes, the minutes become hours, the hours days, the days become weeks, the weeks months and the months years, time races on by in a fuzzy distorted haze! My life will be over before I know it! But I’m gonna have a ball! I’m gonna see all things, taste all things, smell all things, feel all emotions, love the deepest love and never hurt no one in words or deeds but live a full and truly brilliant life! My short life will be full of achievement and love! A life of accepting everything I say and do and regretting nothing! This I say, on this day.. and every day!

I’m currently writing about British Rock ‘n’ Roll star Billy Fury, born on Smithdown Road in Liverpool.

I have painted some... Día de los Muertos, ate homemade scones with coffee, day becomes night and we will drink gin with a meal of chilli and feel awful good!

Scones made by F. Culshaw.