Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Life is an Adventure.

Travel leads to adventure and adventure is a vital part of life. To keep open minded, accepting and understanding include travel which leads to adventure in your life. See far off lands and be amazed by diverse sights. Speak to new people who have a different outlook than you do. See diverse ways of living, hear varied languages and taste various foods. Understand different cultures and notice all things....keep this life of adventure up and you will comprehend and empathise and be an interesting being.

I love travel and have made my life a total adventure, everything’s amazing. Life is in no way a serious thing, it is our one big chance to achieve. Why spend your one chance angry, sad, serious or miserable instead make this one chance fun with dear friends and make the whole thing shine and shine and shine.

The biggest adventure of all......love....


  1. Thanks for this, it is great inspiration and positivity for me.

  2. How we feel, day to day, minute by minute, is a choice!!

    I say, choose to find all the good things in life to enjoy! =D

  3. Yeah, never hurt no one, in words or deeds but try everything, taste every flavour, feel all emotions, feel warmth and cold, see everything! If you do nothing with your short life, it’s your fault. Some folks say ‘anything for a quiet life’, your one chance at life, quiet, no no no! Noise and movement and people and more noise!