Thursday, 12 May 2011

Slide Baby Slide....

I love emotions, happy, sad, ecstatic, thrilled, excited but never mumble?  Love abstract art and form, curves, bosoms and colour and to glide and swirl and delve and to slide.  Love watch em and listen to em and react with em! To communicate and talk and chat and argue and laugh and cheer!  Love love, music has been my life for s-o long! Earthy music and from the heart music filled with power, noise and repeated riffs but never bland music! Most of all I love, love which is so powerful, steady but filled with fire and such emotion and passion but it is true and natural art!  Like women.....beautiful art!
Take chances and do strange dances and dream and laugh as you ride upon the crazy crazy roller coaster of life!  

1 comment:

  1. Great pictures there. What was the camera you were using for that photos ? Hope it is one of those cute point and shoot camera that fits nicely in a cute littleCute little Camera holsters / camera bags ?