Monday, 6 June 2011

Life's a Gas....

What is the meaning of life, why do we walk the earth? Why should we go through the turmoil and upset of life, a life that can only end  in...... death? The reason stands out so loudly and it is so; the reason for our brilliant lives is to learn’! You never, ever stop learning but if you think you've learnt everything and stop,  you become egotistical, self absorbed and arrogant! For from our deepest childhood we begin this whole life of learning and this learning carries on into old age and it never stops! To be given the gift of a life of learning....what a true, true gift!
Just finished a Day of The Dead painting and up to date with writing....feeling happy with’s a gas.....

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  1. My friend calls this "Earth School". And indeed, we are learning, always learning. :)