Sunday, 12 June 2011

Putting society up-side its own narrow minded head...


The word Burlesque derives from the Italian word ‘burleso’ which in turn derives from another Italian word ‘burla’ which means a mockery or to ridicule or to joke. Burlesque has never, ever been just the act of a girl taking her clothes off. It is a dramatic dance set to music in which the lady concerned slowly tells a story while removing her costume and caricatures the travesty and stupidity of life, a way of setting society up-side its own narrow minded head.  Burlesque is a theatrical form of art and poise…directional and filled with grace and method. Again I say; the lady concerned dances slowly and provocatively around while mocking society with her attitude and couldn’t care less approach to removing her clothes. Burlesque is the truest and most sincere parody ever.....

The  origins of Burlesque, as we know  it date back to the 19th century with the ‘Music Hall’ anomaly and ‘Vaudeville’ entertainment and it involves a satire or art, performance and adult entertainment. A Burlesque performance could be superbly lined with an elaborate back drop and set, lighting ,music and a dazzlingly dazzling costume.

Burlesque names to so be proud of were;
 Blaze Starr, Tempest Storm, Mamie Van Doren, Chesty Morgan, Sally Rand, Yvonne De Carlo and although she was a singer and high class performer Josephine Baker had real Burlesque style and ways.
Burlesque….true style and true art…..

Listen here; sincerely no disrespect is meant to women, in fact the truth is that Burlesque with its great attitude shows that women rule!

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  1. Hmm I did not know it's origins! I do think most people assume it's simply the early days of "strippers".

    But no, there was an element of tease involved, but that's all it was.

    A dear old friend of mine was waxing nostalgic about the good old days of stag films, when filming sex was more real and genuine, unlike the wham bam no story just in-your-face stuff made nowadays. He explained he had some very early films from the 20's or so, and how really charming they were. The women were treated like women, not objects.