Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I ain't been round?

I ain’t been round in a long while. I been painting and reading up on stuff. The Meteor and Starday Rockabilly record labels in the 50’s and much more. I been studying on the subject of many things.  Reading about Tamara de Lempicka who was a Polish Art Deco artist and looking over 1920s to 1950s art on the internet.  Always reading articles out loud, to get my voice back, proper.  When I first started to be able to speak again, my voice was s-o bad, it was not understandable.  After nearly 12 years it’s getting their and with Arrrrring for long periods of time volume has returned. I repeat and repeat and repeat words which I couldn’t say which must be around 70 and they are getting better!  Mostly my voice sounds  horse or like I got a sore throat with some words I still can’t say, yet.  I been studying...

The art of Joan Miro born in Barcelona.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

I See...

See all and notice all and get involved and never just sit back and have a quiet life! Go out into the world and make waves and do your thing! For one day your short life is gonna be over and what would you have done, nothing? The circle of life is so stupidly short and its over afore its begun!

So see all and notice all and get involved cos you’re a long time dead...you heard what I said?

Respect and true love to the Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor who passed away on the 23rd March. The most beautiful woman in the world....

Friday, 18 March 2011

Jet Harris.....R.I.P...

Bass guitarist Jet Harris is dead, rest in peace daddy. Jet played stand up bass with Jazz drummer Tony Crombie in 1958 and then with the Vipers and then the Most Brothers and then bass guitar with Cliff Richards Drifters who became the Shadows.

R.I.P Jet Harris......

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

What is Weird?

What right has someone got to say that someone else is weird? What is weird and who is weird? I have been studying this question and 1 answer shines brightly! Jealousy is rife in this world and ‘weird’ is what a dull and narrow minded person calls someone who is different from them! ‘I am quiet and meek so that is obviously normal and that person is dressed oddly and talks loudly which is different from me and as such is weird’! What are you; a person who sees the world as foreboding and dangerous full of people who can’t be trusted? Or, a person full of life and noise who loves people and as such is weird?

Weird is a derogatory term for character!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Life is an Adventure.

Travel leads to adventure and adventure is a vital part of life. To keep open minded, accepting and understanding include travel which leads to adventure in your life. See far off lands and be amazed by diverse sights. Speak to new people who have a different outlook than you do. See diverse ways of living, hear varied languages and taste various foods. Understand different cultures and notice all things....keep this life of adventure up and you will comprehend and empathise and be an interesting being.

I love travel and have made my life a total adventure, everything’s amazing. Life is in no way a serious thing, it is our one big chance to achieve. Why spend your one chance angry, sad, serious or miserable instead make this one chance fun with dear friends and make the whole thing shine and shine and shine.

The biggest adventure of all......love....

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Good Timing.....

It is Saturday...Saturday the 5th of March, March already? My my, time flys by at alarming speed!

My life flys by and the seconds become minutes, the minutes become hours, the hours days, the days become weeks, the weeks months and the months years, time races on by in a fuzzy distorted haze! My life will be over before I know it! But I’m gonna have a ball! I’m gonna see all things, taste all things, smell all things, feel all emotions, love the deepest love and never hurt no one in words or deeds but live a full and truly brilliant life! My short life will be full of achievement and love! A life of accepting everything I say and do and regretting nothing! This I say, on this day.. and every day!

I’m currently writing about British Rock ‘n’ Roll star Billy Fury, born on Smithdown Road in Liverpool.

I have painted some... Día de los Muertos, ate homemade scones with coffee, day becomes night and we will drink gin with a meal of chilli and feel awful good!

Scones made by F. Culshaw.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Rest pretty baby....

I will take a moment from the hustle and bustle of life to say rest in peace to the bright, glowing Hollywood movie actress and gleaming star Jane Russell.